One Day of LIVE training + recordings and supporting materials

Sunday, October 20

11 AM – 7 PM EST

You’ll receive your certificate on the day of a class!

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Boost Energy for Clients, Release Blocks, and Transform Lives

Whether you’re new to crystal healing, are a passionate crystal lover, or even if you already have a crystal healing practice of your own…

You’re in the right place.

What you’ll learn

Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification and Training

  • Do you want to learn multiple Crystal Healing techniques to clear yourself and your clients of negative energy, trauma, and blockages?
  • Is your research into Crystal Healing giving you a lot of information but not giving you enough practical application with clients?
Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification and Training


  • You feel a connection to crystals, spiritual growth & helping people
  • Your goal is to become a professional Crystal Healer
  • You want to receive a lot of practice and gain confidence in healing others
  • Deepen your spiritual practice & personal development
  • Connect with others who share your passion for crystals & build lasting friendships in a supportive community
  • You are a beginner or have some crystal healing experience

This is the class for you.

With my live Crystal Healer Course online, you can discover how to implement your knowledge of crystals into sessions. Here you’ll connect with a community that shares your passion for crystals and create lasting relationships that will serve you on a spiritual journey.

Know about everything you need to begin crystal healing and offer healing sessions.

Receive A LOT of hands-on practice and confidence in healing. 

You will learn:        

  • How crystal healing works
  • Different crystal formations and their healing properties
  • How to choose, cleanse and take care of your crystals
  • How to program your crystals
  • How to create crystal elixirs
  • Chakra healing
  • How to cleanse your aura and those of clients
  • How to channel crystalline energy in your healing session
  • Distance Crystal Healing
  • Multiple techniques to release energy blockage from the body
  • Multiple methods to remove intrusion (trauma, emotions, stuck energy, foreign energy) from a person’s body
  • How to cut cords
  • Practical application of Sacred Geometry
  • How to work with Crystal Grids for healing and manifestation (if you already work with Crystal Grids you will go deeper).
  • and SO MUCH more!

This accredited crystal healer certification can bring your practice new credibility among clients and increase your confidence as a healer.

You need not be an experienced healer. All you need is to have been called to heal.

Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification and Training

Includes lots of hands-on crystal healing activities and professional development.

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the highest quality our trainings offer and that is why we can make this promise.

Our trainings and seminars are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If, for any reason, you find you are not completely happy with the training, you can leave the class by lunch break for a full, complete and friendly refund.


Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification and Training
Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification and Training
Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification and Training
Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification and Training

Mariia’s Credentials

  • Certified Master Healer with the OLHT Energy Healing School
  • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner with WorkSmart Hypnosis
  • Certified Professional Hypnotist with International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher with the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing
  • Certified Holy Fire Reiki ® III Reiki Master
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Druggless Practitioners